A Traveler’s New Year’s Resolution

2018 is here, and my New Year’s Resolution is to visit at least one new place and hopefully some places I know well.

I have some favorite travel destinations like Paris, New York and London, which I could visit every year. I don’t think I ever can get tired of theses cities. Paris is so architectural beautiful with so many old historical buildings. I love the atmosphere, to stroll around the cobblestone streets and drop by one of the many café’s. I love to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle and to walk in one of the many gardens. I love the Parisian gates and beautiful doors. Paris never stops to amaze me with its complexity and beauty. And then there is the food – I love to eat, and in Paris you can find so many great dining places, pastries and good wines. I can also indulge in my favorite recreation in Paris – SHOPPING!

IMG_3710 Place Vendôme in Paris

New York is so full of energy, which I love. This city has the most iconic skyline and it’s so easy to navigate on Manhattan with the streets and avenues. I also love all the parks in the middle of the concrete jungle. Central Park is so beautiful, but there are also many other parks on Manhattan, like Bryant Park and Washington Square Park. New York is a shoppers paradise and I love shopping in SoHo. On Manhattan you can dine around the world, whatever you are craving for and whatever the hour is. People in New York are friendly and helpful, and they arrange the best marathon in the world. The kids and I visited NYC last year and they feel exactly the same way as me about this city. Before we had left NY they asked: “When can we come back?”

P1010532Central Park in New York

London is not that far away from Norway – yeah! I love the magnificent historical palaces and the beautiful cathedrals in London. The city has many beautiful parks where you can get away from the noisy city. The Tube makes it easy to get around the city and the tube is never far away. I also love the old pubs and the grocery stores in London. You can drink wine and be social in grocery stores, like the the Whole Foods Market in Kensington High Street – that will never happen in Norway. I also love the tradition of taking afternoon tea is still alive and well in London.

I have already planned a weekend in London this spring, and the kids and I would like to go to Paris this fall. They have never been to Paris, so this will be fun for all of us. My New Year’s Resolution is to visit new places, but there are so many places I would like to see and it is so difficult to choose. My work colleagues are going to run in Ljubljana this year, and I am thinking of joining them since I have never been there. Unfortunately I have not been running much lately, since I have been injured for quite a while. Ljubljana looks very beautiful, so I obviously have to get more serious about running again. You can read more about Ljubljana here on Lela London and here on Urban Travel, if you like. Budapest is also high on my bucket list – it looks amazing and I would love to see it. Hiking the Highlands and explore old castles in Scotland, has been on my bucket list for a couple of decades now – I really need to do something about that. I am also longing to revisit my American relatives in Kenosha and visit Chicago again. I am also dreaming of a trip in December to get some Christmas spirit and inspiration. I have never seen New York decorated for Christmas and of course, it’s on my wish list. My list is long and this year I will try to do something about my New Year’s Resolution.

Please comment if you have any travel tips for me. I loved to hear from other travelers.

Thank you for reading!

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