Bjoa – 12 treks to try

In the previous post I wrote about the village Bjoa in Norway, where we spend our summer holidays. In this post I will write about trekking in this area.

There are a lot of trails and summits at Bjoa and in the vicinity, and I have my favorites like the summit, Gråhorgjo, but I also like to try new treks.

Here are 12 of my favorite treks:

1. Gråhorgjo 740 a.s.l.

View from the top: The island Romsa and the Folgefonna glacier




The kids first hike to Gråhorgjo when they were 9 and 11 years old

Gråhorgjo was the first summit I conquered when I was I child and I keep coming back to this mountain every summer. Gråhorgjo offer’s breathtaking view of Bjoa, the Bjoafjord, Folgefonna glacier, the islands Romsa, Borgunøy, Halsnøy and Stord. There are several trails that lead to this summit – the trek from Bjoavatnet (Leite) is my favorite, but I will also recommend the trail from Kolbeinshauglia which starts at a higher elevation. The total distance is just over 8 km and the summit is 740 meters above sea level. There is a new survival cabin right below the summit where you can take a break if it’s windy at the top.


2. Bukkanibbo 554 a.s.l.



Bukkanibbo was a new acquaintance last summer. The summit is 554 meters above sea level and it has panorama view of the valley Viksdalen, Eikåsen, the Bjoaford and island Stord, Gråhorgjo, Ølensvåg, Ølen and Vats. The total distance is just over 8 km for this hike too, but it’s easier than hiking Gråhorgjo. Drive up the road to Dalen, turn left at the bridge at Eikåsen, then up the dirt road to the parking at Kolbeinshauglia and start from here. You can also start from Ølensvåg. When I crossed the river at Kolbeinshauglia, I was met by I sign telling me that there were bulls in this area – that freaked me out, but I was not turning back. Fortunately I didn’t meet any and the view at the top was worth all the worries.


3. Kolbeinshauglia




From the parking at Kolbeinshauglia you can continue on the dirt road/trail to Ølensvåg. I like to run up here and down to Ølensvåg – so much more fun than the county road and shorter, but not necessarily faster.


4. Bjoa Kultursti




IMG_6087Bjoa kultursti is an easy hike where you can find petroglyphs and burial mounds  from the Bronze age. The trek is a 3 km long round trip with amazing view of the Bjoafjord. This trek starts at Utbjoa right next to the ferry quay.


5. Vikestølen



Vikestølen is an old favorite. I like to run up here from our cabin, but you can park at Eikåsen and from here it’s an easy hike of 2,7 km one way. There is a cabin here where you can take a break and there are several trails to choose from if you want a longer hike. Even if you don’t want to go for a long hike, I will recommend you to continue 250 meters on the trail to Vikebygd, where you’ll find a beautitful little lake.

6. Trodlafjellet 637 a.s.l.




From Vikestølen you can continue to Trodlafjellet 637 meters above sea level – the highest mountain in Vikebygd. The red marking of this trek could have been better and I lost the trail below the summit, but I made it to the top and I was awarded with 360 degrees spectacular view.

7. Dalen – Baslia 228 a.s.l



Baslia in Dalen is another hike I discovered last summer. This is an easy hike mostly in the forest, but the view from the Basli mountain is very nice. You can do this hike as a round trip or turn and head back when your reach the Basli mountain. Total distance for the round trip is 4,8 km.

8. Lokklinuten 391 a.s.l.



Lokklinuten is 2,8 km one way and an easy trek for the whole family. Start from the parking at Vedvikjo and follow the red marking. I love to run up here in the summer mornings and enjoy the beautiful view at the top.

9. Kjørkjenuten 206 a.s.l.



Kjørkjenuten is a short and family friendly trek in the forest with a beautiful view of  Innbjoa. You can start at the parking in Vedvikjo and follow the same trail as for Lokklinuten or you can start at the inhabited area near the church as we did last summer. The trek is 1,5 km one way and Kjørkjenuten is 206 meters above sea level.

10. The Hillfort at Steinslandsåto 249 a.s.l.




Steinslandsåto is a hill fort from the Early Iron Age (250-400 AD). It lies at the highest point of the distinctive and inaccessible hill in a commanding position 50 metres above the surrounding country. Hill forts were places of refuge and defence in times of unrest and there are about 300 hill forts in Norway. To find this cultural heritage head up the road to Dalen/Eikåsen and turn right at the road to Steinsland and follow the road till you see the hill.

11. Arquebushytta






Since I was young I have heard the story of the young telegraphist  at Eikåsen farm who had secret radio transmissions with codename Arquebus, to London during World War II. In a little hidden hut not far away from the farm, the resistance worker met. Today this hut is not a secret anymore, and you will find a red marked trail at Eikåsen to the hut. Inside the hut you can read more about the history from the resistance work at Bjoa.

12. Hovda

Hovda is a 15 minutes short trek with a great view of Bjoa and the Bjoa fjord. Start from Leite right by the Bjoa Lake and follow the trail into the woods. Besides from great view you also find a weathercock and a table with benches – great place for a picnic.

Thank you for reading!