My happy place

In 2006 National Geographic ranked Norway’s West Fjords as number one on the best World Heritage Sites. The Hardangerfjord is one of the most famous fjords in Norway, but this post is about a side inlet of this fjord – the Bjoafjord, and here you find the village Bjoa – my happy place that makes me feel content, safe, and at peace.


I have spent my summer vacations in this village since I was 1-2 years old and this is still my preferred summer place.

My mother’s oldest sister moved to Bjoa when she married a man from this village. My first summers we stayed with my aunt and uncle in their house right by the fjord. My mother’s two brothers (my uncles) had built summer cottages near by and I also had two cousins living in the area (I still do). When I was four  years old my parents bought a camping trailer and we had our own place near by my aunt and uncle. My dad also bought a small boat so we could go fishing. We later rented an old house until I was in my twenties. My best childhood memories are from the summers at Bjoa and for several years now I have been spending the summer vacations with my kids here and they love it too. I hope they will cherish these childhood memories when they grow older, just like I cherish mine.



Bjoa is a village in Vindafjord municipal and has a population of about 500. You can find several cultural heritages around the village and a cholera cemetery from 1849 right by the beach in Vedvikjo. The village has a school, a church, a grocery store, a football field, a boat harbour and the most beautiful nature.



The old cemetery




Every summer we rent a holiday home for a couple of weeks. My kids are now teenagers, but they still want to spend their summer holidays at Bjoa. The holiday home is right by the harbour with a beautiful view of the fjord and the mountain Gråhorgjo. We love it here, but I have to admit that I am dreaming of owning an old house here…..


Bjoavatnet – the Bjoa lake





Life at its best……….


The sunset at Bjoa is my favorite and I love to watch the beautiful colours of the sky and the fjord – it’s like magic.

IMG_9970I also like the early mornings before the world wakes up – I like to go running or hiking alone, sort out my mind and discover new trails. There are lots of trails and summits in this area. I have my favorites like the summit, Gråhorgjo, which I visit every summer, but I also like to try new trails. You can read more about my favorite treks in my next post.

Thank you for reading!