Himakånå – Trolltunga’s little sister


Tucked away in a corner of Tysvær township in Nedstrand there is a local treasure called Himakånå – a well-kept secret until recently. The locals have always known about this cliff formation, but for generations no one gave Himakånå a second thought. In 2016 and 2017 this changed and the number of visitors started to increase. I visited this lofty mountain overhang late last summer. Even though it’s relatively modest  with 357 meters above sea level, all doubts about its impressiveness vanished when we reached the cliff.


Himakånå is much more modest than Trolltunga, but the trek is faster, more accessible, and much more family friendly. The trail runs through mountain pastures, small forests and fields and from the top, Himakånå offers panoramic views of Lysevatnet lake and the Nedstrandsfjord.



The drive from Haugesund to Hinderåvåg (Nedstrand) took 45 minutes and we parked at the local Joker store. We walked 750 meters by the road to the trail which  was clearly marked all the way up. After we passed the forest the trail was a little wet so I would recommend to wear hiking boots. The hike was about 6 km long with a duration of 1,5-2 hours.
If you are dreaming of the view at Trolltunga, but don’t feel like hiking in a crowd for hours and stand in line to get out on the cliff, this hike is a great option and you don’t need to spend the whole day for this hike. We did this hike in the afternoon after work and we loved it.




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