Windsor Castle

IMG_7139Windsor Castle is the Queen’s residence in Windsor at the outskirts of London. Since the time of Henry I, it has been used by the reigning monarch and is the longest-occupied palace in Europe. The original castle was built in the 11th century, but the present-day castle was created during a sequence of phased building projects, culminating in the reconstruction work after a fire in 1992.  It is a popular tourist attraction, a venue for hosting state visits, and the preferred weekend home of Elizabeth II.

We took a short break from the city and travelled 40 minutes by train from Paddington Station to Windsor Castle.  The train arrived next to the Windsor Royal Shopping Centre with over 40 shops and several restaurants. From here it was a short walk up to the castle. I have to admit that my kids doesn’t share my fascination for old castles and they were not so eager to spend much time there. They did like it though, but after walking through the State Apartments they were more interested in the stores by the train station….  I did get to see the beautiful St. George’s Chapel before we left, but not the park around the castle. Next time……




St. George’s Chapel


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